The most accurate Personal GPS Golf System available.

Display a color graphic layout of any course you play.

Easy To Use Personal GPS Golf System with full color maps

  • Play a complete round and never take the stylus out of the holder. Use your finger for navigating the large easy to read buttons.
  • Take the guesswork out of your next round, with GolfPS™ you can preview a detailed layout of the course before you play.
  • Play a practice round in your office or on the plane.

Determine distance for each shot, from tee to green

  • GolfPS™ not only gives you yardage to the green, you can measure distance between any two points without moving your cart.

Collect stroke data and instantly review your round, shot-by-shot

  • When finished with a round, get the real data you need to improve your game. GolfPS™ shows the exact position of every shot in the fairway, the rough or on the green.


Improved Club Selection

  1. Displays actual yardage, from where you stand, to the green and any hazard or target
  2. Keeps a record of your exact yardage with each stroke
  3. Your pace or rhythm is not slowed by stepping off yardage or searching for fairway markers

Efficient Shot Placement

  1. Geometrically correct map of the layout of each hole
  2. Plan your round strategy at home or in the office before you play the course
  3. Great for playing a new and unfamiliar course

Post Game Play Review

  1. Graphic archive of location of each lie for the round
  2. Graphic archive of distance of each shot for the round
  3. Know exactly where improvements in strategy will shave strokes off your game